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Why Beef Bacon?

When someone is asked which meat their bacon comes from, they overwhelmingly tend to think of pork, or perhaps turkey to a lesser degree.  And indeed, pork bacon currently dominates the marketplace.  Even the Wikipedia page for bacon defines it as “a type of salt-cured pork.”

And yet, bacon can actually be produced from several other meats besides pork — in particular, beef, which most chefs and consumers alike would agree is far superior in quality and flavor than pork, much in the same way that a beef ribeye is considered more desirable than a pork chop.  Beef is simply a more premium meat product than pork, but because beef bacon is not widely available in the modern age, it is often considered as a rare, gourmet option, and just not on many people’s radars.

So why is it that today, beef bacon is such a small segment of the overall bacon market? Throughout the United States in the early 1900s, one could easily find beef bacon at any of the numerous small-time butcher shops that existed at the time.  It was cured with organic ingredients using a hundreds-year-old method that preserved meats in an age before commercial freezers were widely available.  Many butchers specialized in making their own locally sourced varieties of beef bacon.

But beginning in the 1950s with the rise of modern supermarkets, mass-produced pork bacon products were pushed more and more by large industrial pork producers, and consumers soon forgot that bacon could be made from beef as well.  As time passed, and cheaper ready-to-market pork bacon took hold of the American consciousness, many local butchers and independent meat markets began to fade away.  Eventually, only a few chefs and butchers remained who still had an authentic recipe to cure bacon made from beef navel.

Today, beef bacon is rather difficult to find in the marketplace.  However, all of us here at Uncle Marv’s Old Fashioned Beef Bacon Company are working tirelessly to alter that paradigm with our premium beef bacon products.  Our bacon is handmade with quality ingredients in small batches using authentic old-school dry-curing methods, and available in a variety of unique and compelling flavors.  We thank you for visiting our website, and we hope once you try it, you will agree that Uncle Marv’s exquisite beef bacon is the best on the market!

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