Uncle Marv’s Old Fashioned Beef Bacon

Only the best, handcrafted, old-school beef bacon in amazing flavors


Q: What do you mean by “277,000 different flavors” ?

A: Chef Marvin has perfected the science to be able to produce a vast variety of never-before-seen flavors of our premium hand-crafted beef bacon. Of course, we can’t offer all 277,000 varieties at the same time, but you can be certain that we will always have a fresh and exciting lineup of flavors. Check our website often for current offerings, and follow us on social media for all the latest news and more!

Q: What is the best method to cook your bacon?

A: We strongly recommend that our bacon be cooked in an oven, never pan fried. Fundamentally, all bacon needs to render in its own fat to bring out the best flavor. However, beef bacon in particular renders at a higher temperature than pork varieties, so it will not crisp as evenly if you pan-fry it at lower temperatures. We assure you that our beef bacon will cook up nice and crispy every time, but only if properly prepared in an oven! Search the internet for “how to cook bacon in the oven” to find more information and cooking tips.

Q: Help! My beef bacon arrived warm. Is it safe to eat?

A: While we do place cooling packs inside our boxes when we ship to you, delays or harsh conditions during transit may sometimes result in you receiving our bacon packages warm to the touch. However, we want to assure you that our old-fashioned dry-curing and smoking techniques make our beef bacon more resistant to bacteria; also, beef has a higher tolerance to spoilage when compared with pork. This means that our beef bacon can be kept unrefrigerated and warm for up to 10 days. If you receive a box from us and the bacon packs inside are warm, this is OK. Our packs are vacuum-sealed, so simply refrigerate or freeze them once you receive them. The following article contains more information, keeping in mind that our beef bacon is not like other mass-produced pork bacon brands.
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Q: How do I keep your bacon in storage?

A: Our bacon is handcrafted with 100% all-natural ingredients; once unsealed from its packaging, it will spoil faster than mass-produced brands. Our bacon will stay preserved in the freezer for up to 10 years, or in the refrigerator for up to 14 days if kept sealed. Once unsealed, a package of our bacon must be consumed within 3 days to prevent spoilage.

Q: What are your product offerings?

A: We offer premium 100% beef bacon in a variety of exciting flavors, pre-sliced and individually assembled in vacuum-sealed packs. We also carry a line of quality branded merchandise, and we think you’ll agree that it’s swag with style! Our best-value package is our Beef Bacon Baller Box, which consists of five (6 oz.-size) packages of our irresistible bacon (with different flavor offerings every month,) as well as a selection of cool stuff such as hats, mugs, and magnets, and sometimes even special promotional items like classic comic books! We aim to be a reminder of the “old days” before there was an internet or cable TV, a time when beef bacon was widely sold at your local neighborhood butcher shop. Be sure to check our website regularly for all the latest product offers!

Q: Where can I buy your beef bacon?

A: Currently, we will be selling our bacon exclusively via our website. In the future we plan to be available for purchase in a food market near you; we will be sure to post updates right here announcing any new partnerships!

Q: Do you ship to my address?

A: We ship to anywhere UPS delivers within the United States only. We are looking into adding international shipping in the future.

Q: Why do you not ship out orders between Thursday and Sunday?

A: We are currently allowing our customers to choose between 2- or 3-day shipping. We do utilize special packaging and inserts that keep your order cool, but they are not designed to last 5 or more days in transit. Thus, in order to keep your package from potentially sitting in a hot shipping depot over the weekend, which then may overwhelm our cooling inserts, we have made the decision to limit our shipping days to Monday through Wednesday, so that we will have the best opportunity of getting your package delivered to you by Saturday and keeping the transit time to 3 days maximum. We apologize for any inconvenience, but hope you understand this is the best way we can assure you that your packages will not spend too long within the sometimes harsh depot conditions of the various shipping services.

Q: Why don’t you offer cheaper ground shipping options?

A: As explained above, we ideally want to have our packages spend no more than 3 days in transit, to prevent the cooling packs within from being overwhelmed by harsh shipping conditions. Ground services can take up to a week or more to deliver, and our cooling solutions simply cannot handle that much time in transit. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we must use 3-day shipping at a minimum, in order to give the cooling packs we use the best chance to remain cool throughout the entire trip from our location to yours.

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are based in South Florida; all orders will ship from this location.

Q: Is your bacon Kosher/Halal certified?

A: Technically, no. However, we assure you that our bacon is 100% beef — no pork — prepared to exacting standards using authentic old-fashioned handcrafted preparation methods, and including only premium ingredients. We will be looking to add fully certified Kosher/Halal beef bacon to our lineup in the future.

Q: Do you offer bulk sales to chefs and restaurants?

A: Absolutely! Please contact bulksales@unclemarvsbeefbacon.com for further information.

Q: Do you have a newsletter?

A: Yes! Please be sure to sign-up with your email address and you’ll be among the first to know about all our newest flavors, promotions, and other special offers!

Q: What if I have another question or concern?

A: Please send an email to customerservice@unclemarvsbeefbacon.com