Uncle Marv’s Old Fashioned Beef Bacon

Only the best, handcrafted, old-school beef bacon in amazing flavors

Offering superior beef bacon quality in a multitude of flavors. Our bacon is handcrafted in small batches and smoked to perfection.

Bulk sales of our packaged beef bacon can be arranged for shops and markets looking to add something new to their rotation.

Don’t want it sliced? Wholesale beef bacon slabs are available for restaurants and specialty kitchens that prefer to slice it themselves.

How can you make beef bacon better? Flavor. Not just applewood, hickory or maple. We have thousands of flavor recipes ready to blow your mind.

Uncle Marv’s Award-Winning Shrimp and Grits

The recipe for this iconic Southern dish includes creamy grits, saucy shrimp, onions, peppers, sausage and, of course… Uncle Marv’s Beef Bacon.

Beef Baller Gift Boxes

Our Beef Baller Gift Box is perfect for any bacon lover. Included are 5 different packs of Uncle Marv’s Beef Bacon, Uncle Marv’s swag and – for a limited time – comic books.

Beef Baller Gift Box