Uncle Marv’s Old Fashioned Beef Bacon

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Fun Facts about Bacon

In 2017, a competitive eater named Matt “Megatoad” Stonie set the world record for eating bacon: 182 slices – more than six pounds – in just five minutes! Of course, Stonie set the record by eating pork bacon… we bet he could beat that record if he was chowing down on some Uncle Marv’s beef bacon instead!

Bacon… in… space! On the Apollo 11 mission, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin reportedly ate a meal that included Canadian bacon. We hope that future astronauts will pick Uncle Marv’s as their bacon of choice while on those long trips to Mars!

A bacon dating app? Yes, this was actually a real thing. Called Sizzl, it claimed to help “true bacon lovers…find each other and potentially meet their soulmates in life and in bacon.” As of 2022, we could no longer find the app on iOS or Android devices, but there are many news articles from 2015 that covered its existence. Nevertheless, we at Uncle Marv’s can attest to the seductive power of bacon; offering your date a slice of our premium Wagyu is a romantic gesture sure to please!

Perhaps not surprisingly, bacon has its own church. Based in Las Vegas, the United Church of Bacon is officially sanctioned and claims to have over 30,000 members. They perform legal weddings, raise money for charity, and most importantly, they preach the goodness of bacon! But whatever your own beliefs, here at Uncle Marv’s, we have a beef bacon flavor you’ll be sure to praise!

During World War II, bacon was instrumental in helping the United States produce explosives. The U.S. government urged the public to donate their excess bacon fat to the war effort, and even created a committee to oversee the collecting. The fat was used to make glycerin, which in turn could be used to produce bombs, gunpowder, and other munitions. At Uncle Marv’s, while we do like to say our bacon is “da bomb,” we also pray we’ll never again see bacon actually turned into bombs.

You know that old phrase, “bringing home the bacon?” Today, it’s a reference to earning money, but that’s not how it originated. In actuality, the saying dates to 12th century England; back then, churches would award a side of bacon to any married man who could swear before God that he and his wife had no arguments for a year and a day. Thus, to “bring home the bacon” meant that a man was admired as a good citizen and faithful husband. Whatever its origins, now when you say you’re “bringing home the bacon,” if it’s Uncle Marv’s beef bacon you’re bringing, you’ll be sure to win the admiration of your whole family!

The Romans called their variety of bacon, “petaso.” It was made from boiled salted pig shoulder with figs, browned and seasoned with pepper sauce. While we’ll make no judgement on the taste of their variety, here at Uncle Marv’s we are grateful that the art of bacon-making has advanced a long way in the centuries since the rule of the Roman Empire!

Want to wake up to the smell of bacon? A product called the Wake n’ Bacon was featured on the TV show Shark Tank a few years ago. It promised to rouse the user from sleep with the scent of actual bacon cooking in the timer-set device, rather than by the tried-and-true screeching alarm sound method to which most of us awake. Sadly, Shark Tank rejected the product, and it never made it out of the prototype phase. But there’s still a lesson to be learned here: cook up some Uncle Marv’s beef bacon in the morning, and you’ll be sure to rouse your family like no ordinary alarm clock can!

Bacon may someday come from a lab, not just the farm. Scientists have been experimenting with lab-grown meat for years, and although it isn’t yet widely available, a company in the United Kingdom has created pork belly and bacon rashers from a combination of plant-based meat and cultivated animal cells – no live pigs required! We at Uncle Marv’s support the development of alternative protein sources to reduce the environmental impact of livestock; perhaps someday a slaughter-free Uncle Marv’s beef bacon variety will be a possibility.

Show your love for our bacon by marking on your calendar not just one, but two days of celebration per year! December 30th has been recognized as National Bacon Day in the United States since 1997, while International Bacon Day is celebrated every year on the first Saturday in September. We at Uncle Marv’s will be sure to honor both days with lots of specials!